Unintentional Land Art

“Wer Augen hat zu sehen” – whoever has the eyes to see


A few days ago, I opened an exhibition with five photographs of unintentional Land Art captured in Safiental. The show is in the artificial space created by the installation “A Hole in the Alps” near the former cheese dairy in Tenna during the Biennale Art Safiental 2018.

A video by the Swisss public broadcaster SRF about the Biennale Art Safiental 2018 (in German)

The following pictures are part of the show in the Hole:

1. Achtung! – Specht und Käfer


2. Hasenfuss und Pistenbully


3. Im Schutze der Grossen


4. Eine Sache, die ins rollen kommt


5. Sandwich Stein oder Aufschnitt


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