Lenten Meditation #6

An injured and slightly bent man is being presented. The authorities, visibly marked by their distinct headdress and their armoured entourage, look slightly puzzeled. What is the meaning of the finger play of these figures? There are big differences between the three “crowned” characters in this picture. The injured person does not seem completely isolated: The … Continue reading Lenten Meditation #6

Lenten Meditation #3

A guarded man with arms crossed at the wrists, and others who speak or deliberate about him, pointing with fingers. There is a clear class difference visible: one barefoot, the other one awarded with insignia. The posture of the simple man expresses confidence; the the powerful, however, has a questioning face and seems to lean forward in … Continue reading Lenten Meditation #3

Betrachtungen zur Fastenzeit

Lenten Meditations Auch dieses Jahre lade ich dich ein, anhand der zehn Bilder des Passionszyklus in der Kirche Tenna Zeit zu nehmen und mit den Impulsen nach zu denken über Gott und die Welt (oder vor allem über die Welt). Klicke auf ein einzelnes Bild, dann öffnet ein neues Fenster mit einem Impulstext zum jeweiligen … Continue reading Betrachtungen zur Fastenzeit

Betrachtungen zur Karwoche

In der Kirche Tenna, Gemeinde Safiental, Schweiz, gibt es einen bemerkenswerten Passionszyklus. Dieser wurde im Jahr 1408 von einem unbekannten Künstler in der Tradition des Waltensburger Meisters als Fresken angelegt. Die Fresken inspirieren mich immer wieder zu Betrachtungen: Wie kann ich diese spätmittelalterlichen Darstellungen mit modernen Augen sehen? Was sagen mir die biblischen Darstellungen in … Continue reading Betrachtungen zur Karwoche

Feast Day of Service and Community: Maundy Thursday – Gründonnerstag

During meditation this morning, it occurred to me that Maundy Thursday is the day during the lenten season and the holy week that embodies the calling of my life: To be of compassionate service and to live in community. Maundy Thursday is the day of the biblical last supper and the foot-washing ceremony, two strong … Continue reading Feast Day of Service and Community: Maundy Thursday – Gründonnerstag


The community of Capuchins in Rapperswil The following text is from the monsatery’s website: http://www.klosterrapperswil.ch/Kloster/Gemeinschaft.htm. It is my own translation. The Capuchins are active in Rapperswil for over 400 years. Probably no other monastery in Switzerland has undergone over the last 19 years a dramatic development such as the monastery in Rapperswil. The regional chapter of the … Continue reading Rapperswil