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Othmar F. Arnold is an advanced practice nurse and peace worker, formerly based in the Yukon Territory, Canada, now living in Switzerland.

I am a radical thinking, multi-talented hermit with a broad spectrum of life experiences, willing to leave the solitude in order to connect with – and help build – intentional communities. I want to be part of needed change in the world, with concrete action through my personal life on an immediate, local level – and through development of new ideas on a global scale. I strive to live compassionate service rather than to have a job.
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About the name: OFRADIX

Dear friends,

welcome to Othmar’s blog and web presence. This is the humble attempt of a hermit to open himself up more to the world. It is like a journal of ways and visits from my life’s journey. People who don’t mind the occasional mindstorms will find observations, memories and thoughts – told in a manner that has been described as “good natured story-telling[sic]”.

I will be writing in English or German, depending on context and in which language the information is processed in the brain. Headers of German posts with an English translation will be marked (+en).

Liebe Freunde,

willkommen zu Othmar’s Blog und Internet Auftritt. Dies ist der bescheidene Versuch eines Eigenbrötlers sich vermehrt der Welt hin zu wenden. Es ist wie ein Tagebuch über Streifzüge und Besuche entlang meines Lebensweges. Leute die Geistesblitze nicht scheuen werden hier Beobachtungen, Erinnerungen und Gedanken finden – vorgetragen in einer Art die als “gut gemeintes Geschichtenerzählen” beschrieben wurde.

Ich werde auf Englisch oder Deutsch schreiben. Dies hängt vom Umfeld und von der Sprache in der das Gehirn die Information verarbeitet ab. Englische Einträge mit deutscher Übersetzung werden im Titel mit (+de) markiert.

Copyright notice: All writings, pictures, and other works on the Ofradix blog are by Othmar F. Arnold, except where quoted and credited otherwise. Neither my thoughts, nor my creative work are intended to be for sale. I expect that you treat all materials with respect and that you give credit to the author and creator. Please link back to this blog when republishing text or images from it, be it in whole or in part. If you would like a higher resolution copy of a particular image, please contact the author. No commercial use without written permission by the author.

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