I am a radical thinking, multi-talented hermit with a broad spectrum of life experiences, willing to leave the solitude in order to connect with – and help building – intentional communities. I want to be part of needed change in the world, with concrete action through my personal life on an immediate, local level – and through development of new ideas on a global scale. I strive to live compassionate service rather than have a job.
I used to have my own, remote home base in Yukon that would allow for a subsistence lifestyle (organic gardening/farming). However, now I am exploring new options in life.

I grew up in Switzerland. I have lived with small communities in the Swiss mountains and on the Northern and Aboriginal margins of Canadian society. I have also worked in the high Arctic, the rubbled villages in the high valleys of northern Pakistan, the conflict-ridden plains and hills in Uganda and Rwanda, and in forgotten pastoralist villages on the edge of the Sahara in Chad. I have studied in Switzerland, Canada, Cuba, Uganda and England. Personal connections have given me the opportunity to travel and visit throughout Europe, Mauritius, Rodrigues Island, Japan, and many places in North America. Now life’s journey has brought me back to a small mountain village (pop. 100) in the canton of Grisons in Switzerland. There, I am developing an intentional community specialized in palliative care in a purpose-built hospice house.

I like strong coffee, dark chocolate, acoustic music, mindful conversation, tender touch, and contemplative inquiry. I am a keen observer, have a curious mind, and strong analytical skills. Creation gave me two ears, but only one mouth.
On the other hand, I seem to connect well to the metaphysical realm and become more confident to express and share such experience and knowledge.
I am shy, assertive, chivalrous, loyal, generous. I refuse to “grow up” and become “normal”. It is important to me to base decisions in life on a set of virtues rather than superficial societal expectations. I tend to be a leader without ascribed power and find motivation to excel from within.
I do avoid crowds and consumerism and prefer to spend my time one-on-one, in small groups or as a facilitator and community supporter.

Touched by the Light (photo credit: Br. Karl Flury/Kloster Rapperswil)

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