With MSF in Chad

On this page, I will link to some of the stories, pictures, and audiovisuals that I shared after returning from my mission with Doctors Without Borders/MSF in the Kanem Region/Chad.

"Hope on the Horizon" screenshot from the online version of the MSF Canada magazine Dispatches 16(2), Summer 2012
“Hope on the Horizon” screenshot from the online version of the MSF Canada magazine Dispatches 16(2), Summer 2012

The story Hope on the Horizon was published in the Doctors Without Borders/MSF Canada magazine Dispatches (Summer 2012). See page 3 for the article.

Cet article est même disponible en français: Un lueur d’éspoir. Voir la page 3 de Dépêches (été 2012), une magazine de Médecins Sans Frontières/MSF Canada.

Related to the Hope on the Horizon story is the short video presentation I produced from my own pictures.

Babalmé – A Story of Hope from a Marginalized Place follows the same storyline and  is available on YouTube.

Auf YouTube gibt es auch eine deutsche Version Hoffnung in Babalmé – Eine grüne Geschichte aus der Wüste zu sehen.

Here is an annotated collection of pictures from that mission. Some pictures were taken and shared by my teammates Brian D’Cruz and Jessica Jonker.

The Yukon News published the following story: Of Camels and Cellphones

A shorter version thereof was published for the donor newsletter of Doctors Without Borders/MSF: Camels in Chad from Frontline, 13(2), p. 3.

On a different note, I also wrote an article for the The Canadian Friend (December 2012), page 4, that relates to my experiences in Chad. It speaks of my personal journey, not of my travels with a humanitarian organization. In this story I reflect on the influence my humanitarian work had on becoming more radical in my personal life.

Here is one more link to a story published about the personal impact of working with MSF.

Dieser Link führt zur Beschreibung des direkten Einflusses den die Arbeit mit Ärzte ohne Grenzen auf mein Leben hatte.

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