The community of Capuchins in Rapperswil

The following text is from the monsatery’s website: http://www.klosterrapperswil.ch/Kloster/Gemeinschaft.htm. It is my own translation.

The Capuchins are active in Rapperswil for over 400 years. Probably no other monastery in Switzerland has undergone over the last 19 years a dramatic development such as the monastery in Rapperswil. The regional chapter of the Swiss-German Capuchins gave the community of Rapperswil in 1992 the following mandate:

1. Reception of guests.

The monastery receives a mandate to accommodate guests within the available residential and recreational space: men and women; young people and adults that make a piece of faith-experience within the common life of the monastic community; people who are looking for rest; people in social distress, whom the monastery can offer a taste of home.

2. Forms of prayer.

The monastery receives the mandate to try out new and freer forms of prayer; this relates to scheduling of worship, prayer times, the style of prayer, prayer and meditation offers to guests and visitors of the monastery and the church.

3. Integration in the city and region.

The monastery receives the mandate to integrate anew into the city and region, to reach new population groups and to develop new forms of a Franciscan presence. This threefold mission has remained until today. In community with a Menzinger sister we form our everyday lives. Together we focus on the Gospel and the life of Francis of Assisi. We constitute a vibrant monastic community that strives to create a space for peace, inwardness and spirituality. Our work is expressed in the community prayer times, the worship services and meditative celebrations following the rhythm of each day and the year. The different forms of retreat and spiritual exercises offer ways and guidance to find to the sources of life. In a variety of ways, we are also in a lively exchange with the people of near and far.

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