En route – Brustem to Tongeren (Belgium)

Turbocharged with the cherry juice from the orchards of my hosts (Cherryfarm Bakkershof in Brustem) and the memories of the eccentric gifts of the historic Christina, who was born in this very place, I set out into a warm and grey mid-winter day. 13 degrees Celsius, I need to dress down significantly!

The showers were frequent throughout the day. As I walked along the trail, I started to understand why the oldest settlements were in locations that we would call ‘holes’: These depressions are a natural protection from the strong winds that happen to blow frequently in this flat landscape. If it weren’t for the many groves and rows of sheltering trees, it would feel like on the islands in the Canadian Arctic.

Today’s journey took me along the old Roman overland trail from Kassel to the coast of the English Channel (to Bavay, France). The trail does not look any different from the majority of agricultural roads in the area. Within minutes, I was walking by a Gallo-Roman or Celtic burial mound of sizeable proportions. Continue reading “En route – Brustem to Tongeren (Belgium)”

Daily Random Act of Kindness #6 (+de)

Norwegian icebreaker at work on a river in Northern Canada – Norwegischer Eisbrecher im Einsatz auf einem Fluss im Norden Kanada’s (photo credit: joe-ks.com)

But the gate is narrow and the way is difficult that leads to life, and there are few who find it. – Denn die Pforte ist eng und der Weg ist schmal, der zum Leben führt; und wenige sind es, die ihn finden. (Mt. 7:14)

As silly as the scene in the picture looks, it represents several important lessons for me:

  • A problem always has a solution.
  • Direct action can be more effective than waiting for outside/government help.
  • Self-help is more sustainable than professional solutions.
  • Employ the simplest means to get a job done.
  • Make the best with what you have.
  • Live your life adventurously!

What does this picture represent for you?

So blöd wie die Szene im Bild erscheinen mag, ich ziehe mehrere Lehren daraus:

  • Für jedes Problem gibt es eine Lösung.
  • Direkter Einsatz kann viel effektiver sein als auf Hilfe von aussen/der Regierung zu warten.
  • Selbsthilfe ist dauerhafter als eine professionelle Lösung.
  • Wende die einfachsten Hilfsmittel an um eine Arbeit auszuführen.
  • Mach das Beste mit dem was du hast.
  • Lebe dein Leben abenteuerlich!

Was sagt dir denn dieses Bild?

A good person out of the good treasury of the heart will bring forth that which is good; – Der gute Mensch bringt aus dem guten Schatz seines Herzens das Gute hervor. (Lk. 6:45)