Metamorphosis 1

Unfolding potential
Unfolding potential – Das Potenzial entfalten

Here is one more impression from my desk: I had these twigs cut for an outdoor decoration this winter. Two weeks ago, I took them inside, put them in water, and they start to unfold their potential. Never toss out a dry stick!

Eine weitere Impression von meinem Schreibtisch: Diese Zweige hatte ich anfangs Winter geschnitten um eine Aussendekoration zu gestalten. Vor zwei Wochen nahm ich sie ins Haus, stellte sie ins Wasser, und nun beginnen sie ihr volles Potenzial zu entfalten. Deshalb wirf den wertlosesten Stecken nicht einfach weg!




Simplicity in the marketplace

As we were gathered in silence this Sunday, it was easy to listen to and to hear the raindrops outside.”

The reference to rain shows that I wrote this account of my thoughts back in October when I was worshipping with the Victoria Friends Meeting – here in the Yukon it is currently -35 degrees and no rain in sight!

I was contemplating on the various ways they follow their journey in their natural cycle. Some of them will fall on the earth, the ground that is receptive to soak them up, to store it for the plants, and to release it in the cycle later. Others will run off and pool in a depression, being available for animals to quench their thirst. Yet others will fall on a roof, go down the gutter, onto the concrete, run off the roadways, into the sewer system and the storm drains. Some of them will need to go through a water treatment plant before they are released back into the wild, allowing them to join the natural cycle again.

Water - the essence of Life
Water – the essence of Life

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