Toonie Tuesday – second edition

Today’s Toonie Tuesday coffee was more than I could have asked for. No, the coffee was the same, the place was not too crowded and thus not too noisy. There is a new show of paintings exhibited, faces, flowers, landscapes. Local artist, colourful, naive, but unfortunately not very well presented due to the sheer volume on the limited wall space.

As I entered the coffee shop, I met a former co-worker from Copper Ridge Place and fellow German-speaking immigrant. These shared experiences created a familiarity that led to some social contacts beyond the workplace. I was also babysitting a few times at her place, remembering how important that was for our early years after arriving in Canada. Her children were a few years younger that ours. The connection eventually faded, both sides went through major life transitions (separation and divorce, career changes – she moved up, became more secure and established; I moved out and became more secure in my own ways, but less established). It is still good to meet occasionally.
Then I ordered my regular coffee drink and sat down. A professional acquaintance walks in, says “hi” and occupies the table behind me. He then turns around and asks me whether I am waiting – or whether I am looking for company. What a coincidence in the light of the post I wrote just a short time earlier about coffee habits and their meaning in my life (as expressed in my only significant piece of poetry)!

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