Toonie Tuesday


It is a habit of mine to receive a reminder every Tuesday about the lower-priced specialty coffee drinks available at the Chocolate Claim. Sometimes I follow the call and enjoy a double-shot latte for a toonie. Before I monitored my daily spending habits, I indulged in store-bought coffee like many people around me. But then I found out that more than 20% of my food budget went to feed that indulgence. I could no longer justify my habits. Especially, since the expenses for fresh fruit and vegetables amounted to less than 9% of my food budget!

But going out for coffee is not just about the drink. The little poem that I have created several years ago (pictured above) speaks to my condition that fuels some of the go-for-coffee habit. Its tile is the Coffee Ring Poem.

I have a special connection to the Chocolate Claim. Through its owner, Glenys Baltimore, it brings back memories to the early years in the Yukon. I found a part-time job to help feed the family as a dishwasher and evening cook; Glenys was my mentor for the cooking part at the old Talisman Cafe. Glenys, I am still thankful for your support back then. You took time to explain instead of just telling me. It made my job easier and helped me provide good customer service. I still cherish the enduring connection we made in the crammed space between the soup pots, the prep table, the sink, and the freezer!

Maybe it is time to bundle-up for the weather and walk downtown to have coffee and maybe some company…

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