To those who are not the way we are

More than twenty years ago, I read an explanation of what your name meant: It was deemed an Ojibway term for the Dene, indicating a people that is not the way they are. Sure sounds like what the Romans called the inhabitants of rest of the world: barbari!

Happy Birthday, Athabasca! Celebrate, enjoy, and stay safe!


I wish you all the best in your academic and artistic endeavours. May you find your niche in this highly complex and not always welcoming world for those who are unique and allow themselves to express themselves freely.

And remember, I want to continue to support you on your life journey, as your father, your friend, and your mentor. I will keep you in my thoughts during my journey and pilgrimage. I will also hold you in the Light so you may experience the divine love. Even if you feel you are not the way we are, your are still embraced by the All-loving.

One thought on “To those who are not the way we are

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