CDC: Affluenza Outbreak Numbers Reach Critical Levels, No Vaccine In Sight

Affluenza is a growing problem – not just in the US.

For a definition of affluenza, click here: diagnosis Affluenza

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Disassociated Press–Ft. Worth, TX

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr Thomas R Frieden released numbers on the current outbreak of affluenza in the US at a press conference Monday morning, painting a chilling picture of the dangers posed to the population, in particular the wealthy.

“The latest affluenza case in Texas merely underscores the need to take steps in the development of preventative measures,” Frieden said to the press, in reference to Ethan Couch. Couch is the Texas teen who barely escaped up to 20 years in prison when his condition was revealed to have caused him to kill four people in a drunk driving accident, paralyzing a fifth person. “A young boy’s life has taken a tragic, irrevocable turn,” Frieden continued. “Ethan Couch’s life will forever center around his treatment. We hope our estimate, which indicates about 3 million or so of the wealthiest Americans could…

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