Spring forward

ecosystem at home


The indoor season is far advanced in comparison to the outdoors! Can there be a butterfly in winter?

Die Jahreszeit auf meinem Bürotisch korrespondiert nicht mit der vor dem Fenster! Kann es denn Schmetterlinge im Winter geben?


by Aileen Fisher, United States

What do caterpillars do?
Nothing much but chew and chew.
What do caterpillars know?
Nothing much but how to grow.
They just eat what by and by
Will make them be a butterfly,
But that is more than I can do,
However much I chew and chew.


Feeding Time
Feeding Time

Here are a few poems about winter butterflies I found browsing the Internet:

A Winter Butterfly

by Maria Grujicic, Brisbane, Australia
Color my eye
of what I see
Make up, A woman
A power to see
To be
Existence and simplicity
To enable me to see
The intricate make up
of life
of love
I unconditionally see
Enables me
To simply be
Because, just because
On one fine day
I sprouted up high
Like a winter butterfly!


Winter’s Butterfly

by Rhiannon Adel Christy, United States
Crystal sands flutter over summer’s lands,
From the Mother’s womb,
the frigid child blooms.Her glass wings
shimmering like Neptune’s ice,
her blood,
crimson silver
creeps through her veins.And she flies,
over frozen timbers,
unaware of her sorrow,She is Winter’s butterfly,
lost and lonely,
for she is the only one.

And she flies,
through ashen skies,
oblivious of her grief.

Forsaken was her birth,
her kindred all had fled,
fearing Winter’s cold embrace.

And the butterfly sings,
ignorant of her sadness,
unknowing of her solitude.

her wings frosted in snow crystals,
abandoned in the chilled breeze.

But still she flies,
in Winter’s heavens,
uncaring of her misery.


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