It is this time of the year again in the Swiss Grand Canyon!

Here is a previous post that tells you more about the plant and the significance of this day in my life: Arrival

Nun blühen sie wieder in der Rheinschlucht!

Und lese hier mehr über die Pflanze und die Bedeutung des heutigen Tages in meinem Leben: Ankunft

happy beef
Die Herde des BioHof Casutt auf der Sommerweide. The herd from the BioHof Casutt on the summer range. Waldalp, Safiental, Switzerland.

Klick auf das Bild, um die volle Freiheit des Lebens auf der Alp zu geniessen. Click on the image to enjoy the full freedom of the life on the high alpine summer range.


Die jüngsten sind auch mit dabei!

Freude herrscht – auch wenn es regnet.

Expressions of happiness can be found in unexpected places and situations. I couldn’t help but to notice this dead tree and the fungi spreading happiness in a dark place on a wet and foggy day: So many eyes looking at me with a smile!

Ausdruck von Freude kann in unerwarteten Orten und Situationen gefunden werden. Ich konnte dieses Totholz und die Pilze in einem dunklen Waldstück an einem regnerischen Herbsttag einfach nicht übersehen: So viele Augen, die mich anschauten mit einem Grinsen!


This unusual sight occurred on my early morning commute to work. A full moon quickly disappeared behind the mountain top, as its peak was already illuminated by the rising sun. The slopes and the village beneath were still bathed in the remnants of the night.

Diese ungewöhnliche Sicht nahm ich wahr auf meinem frühmorgendlichen Gang zur Arbeit. Ein voller Mond verschwand schnell hinter der Bergspitze, während diese bereits von der aufsteigenden Morgensonne beleuchtet wurde. Die Hänge und das Dorf unterhalb waren immer noch eingetaucht von der übriggebliebenen Dunkelheit der Nacht.

Looking at the former self
Looking at the former self – Betrachtung des früheren Selbst

This is a follow up to the Spring Forward post: One of the caterpillars had to shed the more youthful skin to allow for growth. Now it is examining the hull of the former self.

Eine der Raupen musste sich häuten um Platz zu machen für den natürlichen Wachstum. Nun kann sie die vormalige Haut noch betrachten.

Feeding Time
Feeding Time
Growing and glowing
Growing and glowing


No matter how steep and difficult the trail – no matter how long and strenuous the journey – in the end there will always be an opening. (Alley of the Eleven Thousand Virgins in Basel, with a window of the St. Martin’s Church)

Es kommt nicht darauf an wie steil und schwierig der Weg ist – es kommt auch nicht darauf an wie lange und anstrengend die Reise ist – am Ende wird sich immer eine Öffnung zeigen (Elftausendjungfern-Gässlein in Basel, mit einem Fenster der Martinskirche)

Falls du dich interessierst für die Geschichte hinter dem ungewöhnlichen Strassenname, kannst du sie hier nachlesen: Elftausend minus drei Jungfrauen

Resolved: Looking at my roots

A stunning set of roots: Tree at Pendle Hill, Quaker Education Centre in Wallingford, PA.

Creating and committing to this blog site was one of the intentions for this year. So far, I can say that the journey has been a positive challenge and that I enjoy the process.

The picture itself is an expression of what I set out to do with my blog: An exploration of roots and what is growing from them.
I consider my life to be rooted. Using another word for roots derived from Latin, I can say I consider my life to be radical.
In an early blog entry, I explored that connection between roots and radicalism. Read it here: Ofradix the name.
I would like to continue throughout the year to put my faith into action – and the OFRADIX blog is one of the tools for me to do so. It is my hope to use the strength of my roots to sprout a tree and to be a living testimony for what I believe in.


Waiting for the surprise

Lukie the cat is waiting patiently at high noon on Christmas day, as on so many other days, on the sill of the bedroom window for all the possible surprises of this world. But in this subarctic, urban environment the surprises are few and the cat can get great enjoyment from the swaying movements of the dormant raspberry vines in the freezing wind. But maybe it is the magic of the reflecting sparkles on the snow, or from the ice crystals in the air that keeps the cat’s focus and attention. The winter sun is at its highest and brightest for the day; and within a cat’s snooze it will be dark again.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had the ability to sit in silence and to get inspired by the unassuming beauty of the creation, with the openness to invite the surprises that life brings us every day?


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