Waiting for the surprise

Waiting for the surprise

Lukie the cat is waiting patiently at high noon on Christmas day, as on so many other days, on the sill of the bedroom window for all the possible surprises of this world. But in this subarctic, urban environment the surprises are few and the cat can get great enjoyment from the swaying movements of the dormant raspberry vines in the freezing wind. But maybe it is the magic of the reflecting sparkles on the snow, or from the ice crystals in the air that keeps the cat’s focus and attention. The winter sun is at its highest and brightest for the day; and within a cat’s snooze it will be dark again.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had the ability to sit in silence and to get inspired by the unassuming beauty of the creation, with the openness to invite the surprises that life brings us every day?


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3 thoughts on “Waiting for the surprise

  1. Imagine Luke x3. I have three felines whose main hobby is studying how to get those birds without scaring them away: I think that is why they sit in silence:-). I really do not know who enjoys the bird feeders most, me or the felines.

    1. Grüezi,
      despite the ulterior motive any cat would have sitting in front of the birdhouse, I still find it an amazing example of practicing expectant waiting. In this world of constant overstimulation, it is so rare to be able to empty the mind to the point where we are fully tuned and receptive to the small Voice (or the arrival of a non-expecting bird).

      Enjoy the company of your felines, and a warm hello to Fluffy, Tabby, and Nera.

      Es guets Neus!

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