Resolved: Looking at my roots

Resolved: Looking at my roots

A stunning set of roots: Tree at Pendle Hill, Quaker Education Centre in Wallingford, PA.

Creating and committing to this blog site was one of the intentions for this year. So far, I can say that the journey has been a positive challenge and that I enjoy the process.

The picture itself is an expression of what I set out to do with my blog: An exploration of roots and what is growing from them.
I consider my life to be rooted. Using another word for roots derived from Latin, I can say I consider my life to be radical.
In an early blog entry, I explored that connection between roots and radicalism. Read it here: Ofradix the name.
I would like to continue throughout the year to put my faith into action – and the OFRADIX blog is one of the tools for me to do so. It is my hope to use the strength of my roots to sprout a tree and to be a living testimony for what I believe in.


7 thoughts on “Resolved: Looking at my roots

    1. Celia, Thank you for the continuous encouragement. It helps me when the digging around some of the roots gets into muddy and sticky terrain and when it would be a lot more convenient to stay at the surface.

    1. Liebe Annette, besten Dank für deine Grüsse. Es ist wohl wahr, dass wir immer auf dem Weg nach Hause sind. Nur ist es mir nicht immer klar auf welchem Weg und wohin der Weg genau führt – oder, um beim “Wurzel” Thema zu bleiben, dass ich vor lauter Bäumen den Wald sehen kann.

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