Daily Random Act of Kindness #5

Viva el Caribe!

I purchased oil and vinegar in one of the supermarket-like grocery stores in Kensington that clearly markets to the Caribbean immigrant community. I was standing out like a streetlight, not only by appearance, but also by language.

It was a busy store, or maybe just a busy time of the day. Couples and multi-generational teams were filling up grocery carts with exotic fruit and vegetables, with dry goods, cans, and fresh meat.

When I got to the lines at the check-out, the other customers took pity on me: They asked me first, and then they insisted, that I go right to the front of the line with my two small items for purchase.

I had all the time in the world to wait my turn like everybody else since I was simply out exploring the neighbourhood; but it was of little avail to explain that to the crowd that was discussing the case in multiple languages and came to the consensus that I should go first.

I expressed my gratitude for the gesture. It made me feel special, it made me feel welcome, and it gave me a sense of genuine community spirit.

Viva el Caribe!

Sharing the Root - Painting by Tenyoh (photo credit: Yoko Sugawara)
Sharing the Root – Painting by Tenyoh (photo credit: Yoko Sugawara)

To learn more about Tenyoh’s art work, please visit: Empathetic Reflections of Human Nature through the Eyes of a Nurse

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