Don’t waste your time!

Vergeude deine Zeit nicht! Gedanken, die meinen heutigen Lebensweg vorzeichneten… #tennahospiz


I was brought up with the mantra don’t waste your time. My parents were quite insistent that their children make the most of their time (and definitely not waste theirs). Only now do I realize that this attitude was not something purely utilitarian – a way to make it out of misery and to the top. It actually has biblical roots:

Make best use of the time, because the days are evil. Eph 5:16 (ESV)

For my parents’ and grandparents’ generation making most of their time seemed to have worked. They all have roots in an agrarian lifestyle – something that for the most part excluded options in life, and was equally associated with a good measure of back-breaking labour, servitude, misery and poverty. But they overcame the burden thereof and created for themselves a much more comfortable worldly existence.

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One thought on “Don’t waste your time!

  1. Thankyou for that article,….have you sent it your family in Canada?…It is very good..I would like to respond more fully another day.  I sent it on to Carol and Lew Johnson who lived at Stepping Stone. I hope you and your loved ones there are well. Ruth

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