Aus den Augen – aus dem Sinn?

Wenn Müll ein Licht leuchten lässt.

Dreimal im Jahr muss ich anerkennen, dass es auch mir nicht gelingt ohne Abfall zu leben.

For an English version, read here: Environmental Walk of Shame

So sehr ich es versuche, muss ich gelegentlich einen Sack mit Materialien wegwerfen, die ich weder vermeiden, noch wieder verwenden, noch reziklieren kann.

Um mir bewusster zu werden, was für einen Einfluss mein Lebensstil hat auf die Umwelt, versuchte ich meinem eigenen Abfall zu folgen, und zwar von der Quelle (das bin ich selber) bis zum Meer (was ich nicht hoffe!) Continue reading “Aus den Augen – aus dem Sinn?”

Environmental Walk of Shame

Three times a year, I have to declare defeat.

Eine deutsche Fassung gibt es hier zu lesen: Aus den Augen, aus dem Sinn

As much as I try, I am unable to avoid disposing another bag of trash that can neither be reduced, nor reused, nor recycled at this time.

In order to become more aware of my personal impact on the environment, I tried to follow my own garbage from the source (that´s me) to the ocean (I sure hope not!). Continue reading “Environmental Walk of Shame”

Last Stop for Miles (The Feature Film) – Teaser released

Celia McBride released the teaser for her feature film production Last Stop for Miles. It is available on YouTube.

“When running away brings you back…”

The feature is expected to be released in spring 2013. For more information on the movie and its production on location in the Yukon, visit: Last Stop for Miles

For a list of cast and crew, please go to the credits page.

Becoming a Quaker in a fragmented world (+de)

The Friends Meeting House in Victoria, BC. The Quaker community is celebrating the 100th anniversary of their meeting house in 2013. (photo credit: Vancouver Island MM)
The Friends Meeting House in Victoria, BC. The Quaker community is celebrating the 100th anniversary of their meeting house in 2013. (photo credit: Vancouver Island MM)

Für eine deutsche Übersetzung, klicke hier: Quäker werden in einer fragmentierten Welt

Now it is official, I have been accepted into membership of the Religious Society of Friends. I would like to share a quote from the report of the clearness committee that helped me discern whether becoming a Quaker is the right step for me and the Victoria Friends Meeting at this time:

…His readings, experience and deep reflections about his spiritual journey and its congruence with his life of service led him to apply for membership after some email exchanges and conversations with VFM members.

Our clearness committee enjoyed a lively visit with Othmar.  He exhibits a remarkable mix of delightful enthusiasm and direct, serious, and practical commitment to humane principals.  He also has deeply realistic expectations about his service without cynicism or romanticism.  We appreciated his good natured story-telling which was appropriately serious without solemnity.  We feel that he is committed to spiritual openings compatible with our understanding of Quaker faith and practice.  He seeks to deepen his spiritual life with support from Quakers and in particular our Victoria Meeting…

…We recommend his acceptance into membership with joy and the conviction that our conjoined spiritual lives of worship and service will benefit.

This is a big step for me. Continue reading “Becoming a Quaker in a fragmented world (+de)”