2012 in pictures

Here is my 2012 in pictures! For thoughts to go with each picture in the slideshow, keep reading: Continue reading “2012 in pictures”

Letting our Light shine

In the last two months, the Quaker Worship Group in Whitehorse witnessed an increased interest in the Quaker tradition of seeking God and the Quaker form of worship. As a very small and very isolated group, the concern of how to build community has been raised on several occasions.

William Swainson - doing Quaker outreach Yukon style at -30 degrees (photo credit: Celia McBride)
William Swainson – doing Quaker outreach Yukon style at -30 degrees (photo credit: Celia McBride)

Within the last year, we have reframed and updated the entry in the listing of religious services in the local newspaper. We have also updated the listing on the website of the Canadian Yearly Meeting and established a dedicated email address. However, the increased interest seems to have come mostly from the relationship-building done by the individuals from our Worship Group.  Continue reading “Letting our Light shine”

Teach me to stop and listen again

It looks like many readers have seen and hopefully enjoyed the initial posting on the “Teach me to stop and listen” song that was shared with the Whitehorse Worship Group by the Quaker Worship Group in Lucknow, Ontario. Next Sunday, our group will practice and sing the song for the first time at the beginning of our monthly meeting for worship.

As I experiment will all kinds of social networking sites (and learn from my children who are much more proficient users), I was able to upload the simple recording of my own arrangement of the song that I wrote about a few days back on this blog. Continue reading “Teach me to stop and listen again”

Teach me to stop and listen

Watch out, the ultimate commerce season is upon us! I went for a walk in the beautiful winter sun and decided to stop for coffee. There it was: the first Christmas tree and the entire store already decked out in red and green, seasonal symbols, and superfluous merchandise. I got all worked up about it and decided that this is the last time this year that I will stop at Starbucks for coffee!

Teach me to stop and listen,
Teach me to center down,
Teach me the use of silence,
Teach me where peace is found…

I really needed these words after my walk. They were helpful for me to find my calm again. Continue reading “Teach me to stop and listen”