Is perpetual direct democracy good for your health?

A friend of mine, Ion Delsol, operates a website – – to support a vision of perpetual direct democracy. One of the experimental features is a section called “Now Polling” that is used to assess the will of the people on an ongoing basis. It is Ion’s firm belief that democracy should happen more often than on election day every four years. To read about Ion’s vision, visit this link: Perpetual Direct Democracy (available in Spanish as well).

I was recently asked by Ion to share my views and experiences of the health care system in British Columbia and Canada. The discussion started with a critique of the current health care system. It continued to consider more fundamental factors than bigger and better machines and shorter wait times: Social determinants of health. Income equality, social justice, and political empowerment will make people healthier.

Ion taped and edited the conversation and it will be broadcast on the community cable channel in British Columbia. The interview is also available online on and YouTube:

Determinants of Health – Part 1

Determinants of Health – Part 2

Determinants of Health – Part 3

Determinants of Health – Part 4

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