Eye Catching Art with a Message

ungewöhnliches Kunsthandwerk mit einer Botschaft


Please, watch this short documentary about the art work of a friend of mine in the United States: “Eye Catching Art with a Message” documentary.
Dieser Doku Film ist über die Arbeit einer guten Bekannten von mir in den Vereinigten Staaten, die ihre Lebenserfahrung als Pflegefachperson am Rande der Gesellschaft nun ausdrückt in Skulpturen und Bildern. Leider nur auf Englisch.
The award-winning news anchor, Steve Long, from KEVN – Black Hills Fox television, gently introduces Yoko Sugawara and her unusual art work.
Yoko has been painting for many years. She started with Japanese calligraphy and drawing, then expanded her repertoire to include Western art forms and themes from her professional and volunteer nursing work of her first station in the US. Deeply compassionate about social justice, based on her lived experience in Pine Ridge Reservation, her next series of painted works is titled Shadows and Lights.
About ten years ago, Yoko spent much time exploring a new medium to express herself: ceramic art. As with her paintings, her sculptures and installations are deeply influenced by her life experiences, as well as by her compassionate service (i.e. as a nurse with Doctors without Borders, or during the recovery from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown).
I have had the opportunity to model for this under-appreciated artist.
Yoko says, that she was told many times to produce still life paintings or landscapes in order to make a living from her art work. But she remains committed to her message: “Through the journey of self-reflection, I want to foster the courage to embrace ourselves the way we are. My art mirrors the complexity of the human condition. Empathy that I cultivated as a nurse helps me perceive situations with deeper understanding. New concepts for my creations often emerge through these perceptions and insights.”
Her work is deeply personal, and yet universal. And still, she accepts no compromise for the sake of achieving commercial success.

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