A sign from the closet

A silent witness


Today, I rediscovered a little label in my closet. “O. A.” That signifies me. That piece of clothing belongs to me.

However, I didn’t get excited about the possession. Having things and defending ownership is meaningless for me. This little label comes from a time, when my mother used to label the clothing of all siblings – not only to avoid having them mixed up among them, but also – as they started to leave the nest – as  a reminder to take care of things out there in a world that does not provide the sheltering and protecting environment home offers.

Today, this little label has a different meaning. I left home for the world in 1979. I have been moving around. This insulating layer has moved along ever since. It has protected me from climatic inconveniences for many years under various circumstances.

As far as I am aware, it is the last piece of clothing from my youth that still serves its purpose. It has survived all consumerist trends. I will continue to honour it as a silent witness against wasteful lifestyles.

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