Lenten Meditations

Betrachtungen zur Fastenzeit

I invite you again this year to take some time to think about God and the world, or maybe mostly about the world, using the ten panels of the Passion of Christ fresco in the little church of Tenna, Switzerland. Click on each of the images to open a new window with a respective impulse text.

Für eine deutsche Fassung, folge diesen Link: Betrachtungen zur Fastenzeit

Passion of Christ fresco (Garden Gethsemane), Kirche Tenna, GR, about 1408, unknown artist

Passion of Christ fresco (before the Council), Kirche Tenna, GR, um 1408, unknown artist
Passion of Christ fresco (Flagellation), Kirche Tenna, GR, around 1408, unknown artist
Passion of Christ fresco (The Crowning with Thorns), Kirche Tenna, GR, around 1408, unknown artist
Passion of Christ fresco (Pilate’s Court), Kirche Tenna, GR, around 1408, unknown artist
Passion of Christ fresco (Ascent to Golgatha), Kirche Tenna, GR, around 1408, unknown artist
Passion of Christ fresco (Crucifixion), Kirche Tenna, GR, Switzerland, around 1408, unknown artist
Passion of Christ fresco (Burial), Kirche Tenna, GR, Switzerland, around 1408, unknown artist
Passion of Christ fresco (Resurrection), Kirche Tenna, GR, Switzerland, around 1408, unknown artist

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