The Gospel of Wealth

Verses 1-4; Translated from Neoliberal

was für eine Schweinerei!
Those who are fine!
dene wos ned guet geit

giengs besser

giengs dene besser

wos scho lang guet geit

those who fare badly

would be better off

would those fare better

that for long had been doing fine

was aber nid geit

ohni dass’s dene

weniger guet geit

wos ned so guet geit

which would not work

unless those

get less

who don’t do so well

drum geit weni

für dass es dene

besser geit

wos weniger guet geit

that is why little happens

to make it better

for those

who fare badly

und drum geits 

nomme dene besser

wos gäng guet geit.

and that is why

only those will be better off

who already do well

(After a song by Mani Matter, 1970)

my apologies to the Anglophone audience, but the poetry of the original lyrics by Mani Matter is impossible to replicate in English. The meaning of the original song is deeply rooted in the social gospel, and can be heard in the following video in the distinct Swiss dialect from Berne.

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