De, we naa mä lengä Winter entli dr Schnee schmilzt und ünschi Wisä wider ärgruanend, wil au bin ünsch uf Tenna dr Früelig erwachet. Nid nun uf dä Wisä faats denn aa blüjä, nei, au im eintä oder anderä Häärz siis um diä Ziit schon ärgruaned und frii än huufä Verliabti versprächend schi äs läbälengs Zämäbliibä. Wenn s de aber au dsamt allnä Blüescht und rosärotä Wolchä naa mä Wiili gliich ds eint- oder andermal zu mä zümftigä Gwitter chomi, de sii das nit halb sövel böösch.

Äsiä bruuchts halt än Blitz zum duuchli Wolchä teilä, und ooni Rumplä geit keis Uuliab us dr Wält. Denn iss nun guat, wenn s ättä noch äs Gwitter git, wa alls widrem in dä Senkel stellt. «Diä ärgruanend de scho wider», het üns Müeti albig gseit, wenn sch äswaa tonderli gstrittä heind, und meischtens het sch rächt berchoo.

(nach Elisabeth Mani-Heldstab, Davos)

I was fascinated by the little story: its keyword “ärgruenä” describes very concise in one word, what is happening right now in this mountainous region. The snow is slowly retreating, the first patches of dead grass start to appear. On them, you can spot the first blooming flower and a hint of green!


For most German-speaking people, the above story is hard to read, because it is written in the distinct dialect of the Walser people. For purists: it is neither (exactly) the language spoken in Tenna nor in the Safien Valley, but the one of the Inder Prättigau around Davos (pre-WEF).

In English:

“Finally, after a long winter, the snow starts to melt and our meadows start to turn green again, because even up in Tenna spring is awakening. Not only on our hay fields and meadows flowers start to bloom, no, even in some of the hearts the “ärgruenä”-ing is happening this time of the year and quite a few lovers promise each other to stay together for the rest of their lives. If, despite all the flowers and the pink-coloured clouds, after a while the occasional thunderstorm pulls together, it is not quite as bad as it looks.

Sometimes it takes a lightning strike to cut through the dark clouds, and without some noise, none of the grudge is leaving this world. Therefore it is beneficial, when a storm is shaking things up once in a while to start again on a square footing. “They will “ärgruenä” again” our mother used to say when someone was fighting, and usually it turned out that she was right.”

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