Street Photography

Capturing the Moment

The Fountain of Enlightenment (2013). (photo credit: Daniel Comte)

Daniel Comte from Zürich has dedicated his life work as a photographer to street photography. At the age of 50, he received the diagnosis “Alzheimer” – a State in which the entire life seems to exist of Moments, because the memories become more and more difficult to access. Daniel has tried, with the help of his son Anatole, to talk about that experience in a Swiss TV interview (in German).

Yesterday, I had to opportunity to wait at one of the Locations of one of Daniel Compte’s well-known shots. I took the chance to capture the moment. Of course, I have used the camera on my smartphone to recapture the scene at the fountain. Daniel Comte, of course, always carries professional camera equipment.

In honour of Daniel and his work, I have edited the picture with use of the software on the same phone, to recreate the mood of Daniel Comte’s black and white images



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