Interviews zur Lebensgeschichte

Dominik Landwehr hat mit mir im Oktober 2019 und wiederum im Oktober 2021 ein Gespräch geführt übers Leben und meinen Bezug zum Safiental.

Hier die beiden Interviews:

3 thoughts on “Interviews zur Lebensgeschichte

  1. Greetings, Arnold, from Lynne Phillips in Victoria, BC. I can’t find the right buttons that translates into English, either spoken or in writing. However I can read enough German from long ago university courses to see that your long campaign to get a refuge for elderly people in Tenna is now a reality. Congratulations and blessings! I won’t write more just in case this message doesn’t go anywhere as that has happened to be before. May all go well with you and your service. Lynne

    1. Dear Lynn, this message arrived in the mountains of Switzerland. Unfortunately, the interviews are in German. However, you gathered correctly, that since September, the hospice house opened its door. I moved in in the summer, when some of the construction work was still going on. Now we are three people living together and giving each other mutual support in the activities of daily life. And we are looking for more people who would like to live and work in this beautiful mountain village and contribute to this project.
      I hope all is well in Victoria. I will come there, inshallah, next year to visit! Othmar

  2. I have two problems. Your site automatically tied me to my wordpress site, a blog started long ago, rarely used by me as it is rarely seen by others. Probably should kill it. If you can change my address to your site, using the one I mostly use, I could perhaps get your blogs with a device to translate to English.

    If not, I will content myself with greeting you and if your news is that you have succeeded in getting a facility for elders in your little village, hooray! Our Meeting now has a Fern Street News going out by email to subscribers again. If you want to keep in touch, go to Pashta MaryMoon is the new editor and would welcome a short article about your success. She also likes photos. As do I. You live in such a scenic place. Blessings, LLynne Phillips

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