unglaubliche Schönheit“Do you believe in God in these days?” –

“I am not so sure. Even less so in the one True One – too exclusive for my taste.” –

“The Father, the Almighty?” –

“No thank you; sounds to me like `friend and helper` – but that brings up memories of legalized force. I don´t need anybody else in my life who tells me what to do .” –

“The Holy Trinity?” –

“Nope, way too academic , too complicated…


Nonetheless, I know from my own experience that a divine power exists – the All-Loving. I can experience that grace again and again in insignificant happenings and every-day encounters mit fellow human beings, with fellow creatures, and the natural environment. But it takes quite a high level of openness and stillness from my side to do so.“

(Own translation. Written by invitation for the magazine “Gott & die Welt”, published by the roman-catholic churches of Mainz, Germany)

G&dWMainz-1 G&dWMainz

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