Wo liegt das Herz von Tenna?


“Sie bezeichnen sich als kantig und eckig und sind trotzdem weltoffen – die Bewohner und Bewohnerinnen von Tenna”, erzählt die Publireportage vom VOLG in der Schweizer Illustrierten. “Sie sind innovativ und bewirtschaften das Hotel, den Solar-Skilift oder ein zukünftiges Hospiz gerade selbst”.

Lesen sie den ganzen Beitrag, mit bester (indirekter) Werbung für das Projekt “Alte Sennerei” des Vereins Tenna Hospiz gleich selber:


3 thoughts on “Wo liegt das Herz von Tenna?

    1. Dear Ruth, here is a partial translation of the post:
      “They describe themselves as rough and edgy and yet cosmopolitan – the inhabitants of Tenna,” says the public report on VOLG in the magazine ‘Schweizer Illustrierte’. “They are innovative and are managing the hotel, the solar ski lift or a future hospice themselves.”

      The article, which is a paid post by the company that operates the local grocery store in Tenna, contains best (indirect) advertising for the project “Alte Sennerei” of the Tenna Hospice Association.

      In the article, titled ‘The Heart of Tenna’, they describe how important the little grocery store is for life the remote mountain village. It is the local hub for social exchange. In the article, they also write how close people live with the mountains, how spectacular and adventurous it is to drive to Tenna, but also, that the community is thriving: about 20 children liven Tenna (with a population of about 110). Most people live from farming, but there are also two new families who choose to move here and they have to commute. However, the villagers take various initiatives to keep the village alive. They saved the local hotel, they built a solar-powered ski lift, and now they even build a hospice house for regional needs. All these initiatives are grassroots projects. They indicate, that the village wants to stay where it is now.

      You also see the store manager and myself as the part-time store clerk. They advertise for local products, made on the various organic farms, such as dried sausages, or the bread made from died pears, and the cake made with honey and walnuts.

      I hope all is well in the Yukon. I have read that it is very dry and that many wildfires are burning. Love, Othmar

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