En route – Transatlantische Überfahrt

Google Map mit dem ungefähren Kurs den wir auf der MV Rickmers Shanghai zurückgelegt haben. – The approximate route of the MV Rickmers Shanghai January 2013 transatlantic crossing.

Transatlantic Journey on MV Rickmers Shanghai – Google Maps

Hier ist eine Kopie meines Reisetagebuchs von der Überfahrt (in Englisch). I have attached a copy of my ship diary.

Ship Diary:

January 13, 2013

Late this afternoon, I called the agent for the shipping company to confirm the departure time for the vessel. He said he was very glad that I called: The ship is expected to leave very early in the morning. Originally, departure time was estimated to be between noon and 6 o’clock. He kindly asked me to make my way to the marine terminal and check-in tonight.

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Goodbye America – a short film.

Am Anfang meiner Schiffsreise habe ich Impressionen per Video festgehalten. Daraus hat sich folgender Kurzfilm ergeben.
At the beginning of my sea voyage, I captured some impressions by video. I had the time to cut and edit a short film from the material.

Aufbruch – Departures #3

It’s time to leave.
Port of Philadelphia, but definitely the wrong ship…(or maybe just the wrong century)

It is time again to move on. Today, I am boarding the ship for Europe. – Es ist Zeit zum Aufbrechen. Heute gehe ich an Bord für die Seefahrt nach Europa.

MV Rickmers Shanghai in port (photo credit: Captain Peter)
MV Rickmers Shanghai in port (photo credit: Captain Peter)

It feels strange to get on a ship so far from a coastline. Here is the Delaware River that will provide the waterway to take us to the North Atlantic. – Es fühlt sich komische an, im Landesinnern win grosses Schiff zu besteigen. Wir werden auf dem Delaware River bis zur Küste des Atlantischen Ozeans fahren.

The old municipal pier in Philadelphia.
The old municipal pier in Philadelphia.
Delaware River from the Benjamin Franklin bridge between Philadelphia, PA and Camden, NJ.
Delaware River from the Benjamin Franklin bridge between Philadelphia, PA and Camden, NJ.

Daily Random Act of Kindness #2

On a fully booked train, the fight for the best seats was on. Amtrak took no chances and its personnel herded customers like cattle to their wagons. No opportunity for independent responsible judgment.

with Amtrak on its way...
with Amtrak on its way…

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En route – Washington DC

I had enough time between trains to go for coffee. So I walked up to the Capitol to see if the president, or another representative would have time to have coffee with me. But, nobody home… So I enjoyed a walk around those massive buildings in a warming winter sun.

I really enjoyed the train ride from Chicago to Washington. I immediately remembered why I prefer this mode of transportation over the more expedient one in the airplane. I can really enjoy the land, the distance, the changing scenery. I guess, the transcontinental train ride is still on the bucket list!

Take Off – Abflug (+de)

Thanks to Air North, Yukon’s Airline, I experienced this spectacular sunrise over the endless mountainous expanse of boreal forest in Canada’s North.

The early start today was refreshing. On my way to the airport, a bright setting moon was guiding me up the stair master at the end of Black Street. A faint display of northern lights covering my back. I arrived at the check-in counter at YXY with icicles hanging off my moustache and steam rising from beneath my jacket.
I feel fit for the pilgrimage, the mind cleared of many attachments to place already. It was a strange initial feeling when I turned off and put away the cell phone before locking up Celia’s apartment and depositing the key for the house-sitter. It was like shedding layers of security. But, I got a sleeping bag, some clothes, some privilege and financial means, and a whole lot of confidence in providence!

Ready for take off!

Air North, die einheimische Fluggesellschaft im Yukon, machte es möglich diesen spektakulären Sonnenaufgang über der endlos scheinenden gebirgigen Weite der kanadischen Taiga zu erleben.

Das Frühaufstehen war erfrischend. Ein heller, untergehender Mond hat mir den Weg gewiesen auf meinem Fussmarsch zum Flughafen. Hinter mir am nordöstlichen Himmel ein schwaches Nordlicht. Ich bin mit Eiszapfen am Schnauz und aufsteigendem Dampf aus meiner Winterjacke am Check-in Schalter angekommen.
Ich fühle mich fit für die Pilgerreise; ich habe schon viele Abhängigkeiten an einen bestimmten Ort, so was wie ein Heimatgefühl, in Gedanken losgelassen. Es war anfänglich ein komisches Gefühl, das Handy ab zu schalten und zu verstauen bevor ich dann die Türe zu Celia´s Wohnung abschloss und den Schlüssel deponierte für die Person die nach der Katze schauen wird. Es war wie verschieden Schichten eines Sicherheitsgefühls ab zu legen. Doch, ich habe einen Schlafsack, Kleider, Privilegien und etwas Geld, und dazu viel Zuversicht in Vorsehung!

Ready for take off!

Walking Home – a short film

“Walking Home – A contemplative journey along the Yukon River” is a short film conceptualized, directed, and produced by Othmar F. Arnold, with feedback and support from Celia McBride; filmed in Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada).

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